Image of me

David Henningsson

Software developer, musician

Lund, Sweden

Tech skills
Delphi, C, Linux audio stack
Guru (5+ years exp.)
Git, Rust, SQL, Network
Really well (2 - 5 years exp.)
Node.js, Javascript frontend, Debian/Ubuntu packaging
Proficient (1 - 2 years exp.)

Software development


Canonical 2010 - 2016 Maintenance and improvement of Ubuntu's audio stack. Audio hardware enablement, improving kernel drivers to make new laptops and desktops work in Ubuntu.
Trivector 1999 - 2010, 2016 - present Writing and designing software for displaying information on bus stop signs, including dispatch of such information, layout, monitoring, UI for administration, and much more.

Open source

PulseAudio contributions The sound server in most modern Linux distributions. As part of my work for Canonical, I was a core developer for several years.
Linux kernel contributions Mostly work in the HD Audio sound driver subsystem.
ALSA library contributions The ALSA library is an essential part of the Linux sound stack.
Fluidsynth contributions This software synthesizer was my first bigger experience with open source development.

I also maintain Rust bindings to D-Bus and ALSA.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Lund University, 2008.


Some old hobby projects:

The Blob gameWindows UbuntuA 2D platformer: jump over obstacles, match keys with keyholes, watch out for dangers, and explore the seven levels that this game offers.
SpaceinfoWindowsVisualizes disk usage.



Solviks folkhögskola 2002 - 2003 One year of full time Gospel piano studies, including a lot of live piano performances.
Torn Gospel 2012 - present Pianist at concerts and ceremonies.
Candéla gospel, Trelleborg 2016 - present Choirmaster, pianist
Helgeands Gospelkör 2013 - present Pianist at concerts and ceremonies. Choirmaster for two years (shared leadership).
Gospel Joy, Furulund 1999 - 2010 Pianist at concerts and ceremonies.


A list of Youtube videos of me performing can be found here.

Fyra flinka mp3 ogg Four handed piano piece, with some ragtime inspiration.
Dreams of JV mp3 ogg Soft and melodic synth music.
Nintendo adventures mp3 Chip music that won a competition at a local demoscene party in 1999.