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The Blob game is a platform game, where you jump from platform to platform, just like super mario bros and many other games made around 1990-1995. It's more cute than violent, but that doesn't have to mean it's a very easy game!

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One day, when you came home from work, your girlfriend was already at home. She just sat there on the floor, with a strange empty look all over her face.
"I've visited the doctor today", she said. "And she had news that is going to change our lives...I'm pregnant. There are five new lives inside me right now", she continued.
But there was something strange about her, that made you take her terrific message with a bit of sense instead of screaming of joy.
"She also told me that I had a disease. This disease makes it impossible for me to deliver the babies. Instead they will grow and grow inside of me until they are too large and..."
She began crying. You bounced next to her, very close, hoping that your presence could somewhat ease her pain.
You didn't really know what to say. Neither could you think clearly.
"There is no known cure."
You looked at her and somewhat began to understand the width of what she just had said.

After maybe an hour you could start to think somewhat logically again, and you went to doctor yourself to talk to her.
After a quarter of chatting with the doctor, including about fifteen "Of course there is a cure!" and twenty-five "There's got to be a way!" she took on earplugs, and started to think. "Well", the doctor said,
"there is a herb that might help against this disease. However, this herb is probably extinct by now. It was known to live on the top of mountains several generations ago, but nobody have seen this herb in
many many years."

By the time you got home again you had already made up your mind, and nothing could change it. You we're going to search for that herb, no matter what or how long it would take...


You are allowed to copy and use the program.
You are not allowed to modify it or take some components and use for another purpose.
This program comes without any warranty.

However, TinyPTC is released under GNU GPL which means that source code for the modifications made to TinyPTC are available upon request.


You can find some screenshots here.

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