Diwic's music

Some newer songs

Fiddes sura yllehossor is a song that pays homage to dirty old socks (!). This song is actually a remake a friend of mine did many years ago. It's quite happy, made of synth sounds, and mostly instrumental. mp3/ogg

En film utan H-moll was actually a test of an symphonic library (EWQLSO) that turned out quite well. As the title suggests, this would probably fit in some kind of movie, and there are absolutely no B minor chords! mp3/ogg

Fyra flinka

This is a four-handed piano piece with influences that combines the happiness of ragtime with more modern chords of jazz and gospel. Designed to make you happy! mp3/ogg
This song also received some praise at the Studio forum website.

Tribute to life

You can hear me sing in this ballad song. It's available here for free download in mp3 and ogg vorbis format. The lyrics of the song is here (and also inside the mp3/ogg file).

A small collection of dreams

I made a 4 track CD in 2003.
This CD is labeled "A small collection of dreams". If you want to buy it (the price is currently 50 SEK), write an email to me here. It features some soft, relaxing pieces of piano and synth music.
The first track, "Dreams of JV", is available for free download, in mp3 and ogg vorbis format.

Chord analyzer

If you like - like I do - to play the piano, it could be nice with something displaying the chord you're currently playing. Then, download my little utility here. It should work with windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Tracker music

Some years ago, I made some music in the .xm format, written in a music program called "FT2". Some of it is available here for download. I think I can do better songs nowadays (at least if you look at the sound quality), so it's here more for nostalgia purposes.
Name Title, date Size Time, Tracks Comments
mp3 (4.2M)
The Tough Parts
Sounds a bit funky. Some synth- and chip sounds give the song an atmosphere, combined with piano, base and drums. This songs lacks a good structure. 
mp3 (2.2M)
Nintendo Adventures
22K 2:40
This song won the chip compo on Hype'99, and is meant to sound like an old 8-bit nintendo game. 
mp3 (4.0M)
A good uptempo song. Different synths interact and have the melody in verses and choruses...